Apex Legends Rule 34

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Apex Legends Rules 34 : All you need to know

Apex Legends Rule 34
Apex Legends Rule 34

Rule 34 utters that fan-made Apex Legends adult content is flowing over the internet.
EA’s popular battle royale game Apex Legends got some online rules and regulations inflicted by the players. Among those rules, the 24, 32, 33, 34(Mostly), 35 & 63 rules are noteworthy. If you are a zealous Apex Legends player, you should know these rules.

Apex Rule #34 Never trap yourself in the bunker.



  •  Sexually explicit video games and online pornography share similar features such as objectifying women.
  •  Similar effects have been observed in relation to consumers’ attitudes, beliefs and behaviors.
  •  Prevention programs should include possible harm from exposure to sexually explicit video games and online pornography.
  • To better understand harm associated with sexually explicit video games and online pornography, further research is needed.
Apex Legends Rule 34
Apex Legends Rule 34

Online video games are played by billions of people all over the world. A new science, ludology has recently emerged in response to the ever-increasing popularity of online video games. Similarly, the amount of online pornography is amassing rapidly. 

Not only is it easily accessible, but often available for free with new sites being created daily. This article provides a brief overview of current understandings of reported harms to inform researchers, professionals and interested community members about the need for awareness, education and early intervention, particularly for adolescents and young adults.

Whether focus of attention is on online pornography or sexually explicit video games, the influence on consumers’ desires, attitudes, values and behaviors cannot be neglected. 

An increased understanding of potentially harmful effects of playing sexually explicit video games and consuming online pornography as indicated by recent research may result in sexual violence prevention that includes online pornography and sexually explicit video games.

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